WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The temperatures are rising and the sun is showing off its rays. As the sunny days just keep coming around, everyone is happier soaking up the sunshine on the campus lawns. Everyone is coming out of hibernation from the harsh, freezing winter showing up with smiles left and right.

As I was casually walking around campus, I spotted this Fashionista with her little black hat and cool patterned kimono. I loved this look because she really used the little things to make her outfit stand out, such as her hat, jewelry, kimono and hair.

Kimonos are perfect for when days are sunny and warm, but not warm enough to just wear a T-shirt. The patterns on this Fashionista’s kimono are arranged in a neat way while still looking super fun, and her hat is great to cover one’s face from the sun while it peaks during the middle of the day.

Colored hair has been in for a quite a while now and she really works it with the red. I think colored hair does not work for everyone, but she chose a color that really matches her look. This outfit is very simple and can easily be achieved, however, the details of the look really bring it all together.

She matched the colors of the kimono, hat and sandals very well as she kept most of her outfit black and white, while adding brown sandals to give a little bit of color to go along with her red hair. Finally, she added some hints of gold throughout her outfit, incorporating them into the edge of her white shirt and jewelry.

This look is perfect for the weekend because it’s super light and simple, but at the same time it has all these hints of color and details flowing within the outfit. She was able to make the outfit comfortable but busy without complicating it with too many patterns or too many colors. And since it is very simple, you can add or change different parts of the outfit to make it best fit the occasion you are going for.

One Simple Change: Now that you have figured out what is best for the weekend, time to pick out what to wear from day to night. During the nighttime, it gets a little chilly so I would definitely keep the kimono or switch it out for a light cardigan or cover up. Then instead of wearing a hat, you could replace it with a hair accessory, such as a headband or a cute little hair clip.