WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Hello Fashionistas/os! I specifically speak to Fashionistos because today is my first post about a boy. I will focus on this Fashionisto’s style for a random weekend style—comfortable but still on point.

It’s true that fashion can often be more limited for boys than for girls, but is also known that well dressed guys earn a lot of points. The difference between a well dressed man and one that is not well dressed can commonly be seen in the little details.

In this particular outfit, I want to highlight that rolled pants is the detail that caught my eye when I first saw them. Wearing the right pair of jeans, for example, some classic Levis like the ones the Fashionisto is wearing, and knowing how to wear them are just what a guy should take into account. Another thing I’m particularly in love with are his pair of Nikes. I just love their bright blue color and the fact that they are a popular trend right know. A sporty look as an everyday look is now more fashionable than it ever has been!

What to say about hoodies? I just love how comfortable and convenient they can be for so many occasions, whether you are going to the gym, staying at home or to the movies. They will fit for any occasion. My favorite ones are the kind that the Fashionisto is wearing in his outfit (monochromatic ones with the brand name or a short quote).

All of these facts make this just the right look for any weekend plan, no matter if you plan a very busy one or a more relaxing break.

One Simple Change: Although a very versatile look, there is just one kind of occasion which you could not wear it to—a formal event or date. So if you’ve got a date night coming up, change the hoodie to a dress shirt to create the perfect semi-casual but still special look.