WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The term “weekend wear” can bring a variety of occasions to mind, ranging from dates to bar crawls to shopping with friends. The best weekend wear, however, are the clothes college students get to pull out for the always rare (and therefore cherished) days of rest.

After a week of work, close to nothing feels better than sleeping in, pulling your most comfortable clothes on and spending the morning moving in slow motion. The outfit tends to come naturally, based on factors such as, “What’s within arm’s reach?” and “What still smells okay?” But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few components that can improve the look.

This Fashionista is demonstrating a classic weekend look. Her worn in jeans, cotton V-neck, button-down shirt and TOMS shoes all combine into a cozy and timeless style that any college student can emulate. While all the fabrics are soft and familiar, she pulls off the effortless outfit while still looking put together, not lazy. The outfit is not without bling, however. This Fashionista rocks a variety of personal rings and a fresh manicure, both of which are certain to clean up a more casual look. The understated nature of these additions goes perfectly with the rest of the look; the nail color even matches the color of the T-shirt!

A key component of any weekend look is the layers. Especially in the transition from winter to spring, layers are necessary to make an outfit wearable for an entire day. For example, this Fashionista pairs a basic T-shirt with a neutral flannel, all under a simple black coat. The color scheme is neutral overall, but the light blues make the look airy and feminine instead of grungy. The hair in a simple braid is both practical (perfect “second-day” hair) and cute, plus securing it in a small clear elastic makes it cleaner than using a bulkier one. The overall outfit is quintessential for a lazy Sunday, with soft layers, simple colors and accessories and practical hair and footwear.

One Simple Change: Make this luck ultra comfy for the library and swap out the jeans for a pair of leggings. Athletic leggings are comfortable, warm and less likely to be see-through than cotton ones.