WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

After a full week of studies and classes, the weekend has finally arrived. You may not have made concrete plans yet, but you know that whatever you decide to do you want to be comfortable and ready for any change of plans. Whether you are hanging out with friends or meeting new people, your outfit will be seen by many and will be saying a lot about you.

A forecast for snow means putting that heavy overcoat to use and layering with your favorite warm accessories. Once you’ve made it to a warmer destination, those layers are removed to reveal a stylish outfit, where the focus may be on the smaller details.

This Fashionisto braves the cold with a gray tweed coat and black wool scarf, easily removable for a change of plans but necessary for the winter climate. To finish his look, he wears a silver watch with a black leather band to continue his darker color scheme after his coat and scarf have been removed.

The more sophisticated watch brings his casual look to a new level; he’s ready to draw the attention of any friend or new face he meets. His tan shoes help to lighten up his overall outfit and prevent his darker layers from being overwhelming. Peeking out of his coat is a cozy sweater underneath with subtle threads of color. The light beige foundation of his sweater ties in nicely with the lighter tan of his shoes.

Imitating this Fashionisto’s weekend look is a sure way to start your weekend off right. Old friends will admire your good taste and new friends will want to get to know you better, anxiously waiting to see what you’ll wear next.

One Simple Change: Switch out the sweater underneath for a dark button-down and this look can be used for a casual and charming date night outfit.