WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

December 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

From the old surfers and the one percent dressed like hobos to the random college students and visiting tourists, Malibu is a weird place. Not only is it an odd mix of people in a concentrated area along the coast of California, but it is also a place where the weather is not exactly ‘normal’. Movies and TV shows have depicted California as a dreamland—somewhere where everyone is beautiful and the sun is always shining. While 70 degrees with an ocean view from your bedroom is great, feeling like its Christmas is kind of hard.

Saturdays in December are like Saturdays during any month of the year. People from Calabasas, L.A., Santa Monica and Ventura all come pouring in to catch a glimpse of the ocean and enjoy the beachy atmosphere. Surfers young and old try to catch some waves, and basics flood Malibu Farm on the pier like it’s their last meal.

It’s fun to people watch with all of the newbies hanging out in Malibu, but it’s really fun (well, at least for me) to check out everyone’s styles.

This guy is the epitome of Malibu. Rocking a white T-shirt with a patterned short sleeve button-up is a classic look for California natives. This Fashionisto paired it with blue pants and white tennis shoes. The final pieces that really pulled the look together were the orange socks and the sunglasses, adding to his “Malibu cool” vibe. If you want to fit in with the locals in Malibu, you better be wearing some edgy sunglasses, especially if you are headed to the beach.

This look is perfect for hanging out in Malibu, shopping around in the Lumberyard and eating at Malibu Kitchen. If you want to fit in when you visit, take a few pointers from this guy and own your look.

One Simple Change: After your day in Malibu, are you heading into L.A. for a night on the town? Throw on an edgy jacket and hop on PCH!