WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

In a certain sense, fashion is a neutral, ambiguous and subjective word, yet many people seem to add a feminine touch to it. It’s not without reason that people tend to frame fashion as a “woman thing.” According to Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose, authors of the best-seller book Fashion and Sustainability, “Womenswear represents 65 percent of the global fashion industry, and 75 percent of the fashion industry’s advertising dollars target women specifically.” Regardless of the dominant cultural and business demand on women to be main consumers, men also have rights to pursue their passion for fashion and dress well.

Since men’s weekday outfits tend to be monotonous, weekends become great occasions for guys to wear the latest trends and to demonstrate their understanding of clothing aesthetics. If you have read my previous articles, you would have noticed that I kept bringing up the idea of fashion as an outlet for self-expression. What this Fashionisto wants to express through his outfits is a resistance to the “genderless” movement in today’s fashion industry and an insistence on his masculinity.

This classic black polo shirt from McQ exudes a youthful and masculine vibe that is essential for his athleisure look. Laundered for a slightly rumpled feel, the tapered fitted navy blue G-Star shorts help this Fashionisto achieve an effortlessly stylish look. The embroidered McQ logo and the striped collar and sleeves of the polo shirt help add some interest to an otherwise plain look.

The Fendi monster runner spike-back leather sneaker is a highlight of this Fashionisto’s outfit. The menacing yellow eyes on the shoes not only add some bright color to the outfit, but also seem to represent some personality traits: rebellious, hot-blooded and determined. The accessories make his look complete. The square pin buckle leather belt and chronograph bracelet watch help add some sophistication to the smart casual look.

One Simple Change: Transform this casual weekend attire into a perfectly balanced date night look by replacing the shorts and the sneakers with neutral chinos and a pair of Derby shoes.