WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With days getting shorter and nights getting longer, it’s important to keep up with the temperature change. This Fashionisto made sure his weekend trip was well spent and that he was prepared for whatever was thrown his way.

Even during the summer, weekdays are still dedicated to working. So as the weekend approaches, it’s all about being comfortable and wearing what portrays your personal aesthetic.

This weekend outfit is kept simple with a trendy Lana Del Ray T-shirt, paired with medium wash jeans and blue and brown Puma sneakers. This look is appropriate and fun for a wide range of weekend adventures, including heading to the mall.

Our Fashionisto doesn’t let his outfit get lost in the shuffle. When asked about his accessories, he said his outfit “wouldn’t be complete” without his lightweight navy bomber, perfect for any curve ball the weather might throw . Additionally, he has on a black university hat, one of his favorite items to wear. Both are just enough to make the outfit his own! He had no issues maintaining a cool and collected look and feel throughout the day.

One Simple Change: Heading to dinner in the city afterwards? Switch
out your graphic T-shirt for a solid colored neutral color such as black, gray, beige or
white. Opting for a pair of darker denim jeans or olive green, chino joggers would add an element of sophistication. Also, try a solid colored sneaker to match and you’re ready to take on the night with your best friends.