WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Happy spring, Fashionistas/os! It is a good thing that new trends come with the beginning of spring or else all I would be experiencing this spring so far are allergies and rain.

However, some weekends we are graced with some sun here in Connecticut. The presence of sun is the perfect opportunity to sport a new outfit that has been stuck in the closet for a couple months.

This month was my first time spotting a Fashionisto and it was pretty exciting! This Fashionisto is wearing gray khakis with a blush pink button-down shirt that is heavy material but still light enough to transition to summer. He paired the outfit with gray loafers and his best watch. He also threw in his Oakley sunglasses that are an everyday must, especially when hoping for more sunny days in the future. For his hair, he kept it simple with gel on top.

This outfit reminded me of a perfect one to wear on the weekend because it is so versatile. The gray pants make it dark enough for the night time and dinner on the weekend but the light shirt makes it bright enough to wear around town on a Sunday morning. This is definitely an ensemble that one could wear for an entire day on the weekend, especially now that it is spring and the weather is getting warmer (we hope)!

The accessories are also interesting to me too because again, they make the outfit versatile. The watch is on the fancier side so it dresses it up but the sunglasses bring it back to an every day, weekend look.

One Simple Change: Want to take this look and transform it from weekend wear to something you could wear on a beach vacation? All you have to do is switch out the dark gray khakis for a lighter gray pair of khaki shorts and you are on your way to looking fit for any beach vacation. The transformed outfit would work for a breezy dinner, a walk on the boardwalk or even to dip your toes in the water on the beach.

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