WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

March 17th, 2016 at 2:10am

After a long week of class, late night studying and early mornings, before you know it, the weekend is here. You’ve used up all of your sweatpants, gym shorts and hoodies. It’s finally time to put some effort and thought into an outfit. We often neglect ourselves the joy of coordinating a look because we’d rather sleep those extra five minutes right before class. Luckily when the calendar marks Saturday, you have the lovely pleasure of selecting something fresh and nice to wear. Whether your buddies call you up to watch a sports game at a bar, or you’d rather get ahead on your studies at a coffee shop, a nice pair of jeans, plaid and loafers is never a bad option.

I caught this Fashionisto roaming campus on a Sunday morning. He kept it in the cool tones with a gray pair of straight legged jeans, a blue and white plaid shirt and some sleek navy loafers with red detail, similar to a pair I found at ALDO.  Although simple, this outfit is versatile for any weekend activity. It is the perfect combination of casual and put together.  Not to mention, seemingly comfortable, which is always a plus.

One Simple Change: If your everyday weekend activities turn into an impromptu date night, switch up the light colored jeans for a darker pair. Rolling down the sleeves and adding a dark denim jacket might also add some seriousness to the outfit, perfect for a date setting.