WHAT TO WEAR: Warm for the Winter

As the cold rolls in and snow starts falling, make sure to layer up for those frigid mornings. Every winter we anxiously wait for the snow to take cute pictures and wear our new scarves. However, after a couple of days, the snow seems to just become a hassle. You want to make sure to keep in style while keeping warm!

This Fashionista kept it simple when gearing up to head into the cold. Every year new jacket styles come out, but being in upstate New York, you have to be sure to get something warm. This below the knee parka is simple and matches everything. Fur on the hood adds some flare and warmth. A simple pair of black leggings and heavy sweater lay underneath her coat. When the snow falls many people are conflicted with shoes. This Fashionista chose to wear knee-high black Hunter Boots to keep out the water from the snow. They have great insulation and keep you dry. You can even pair them with high socks showing out of the top. Scarves are essential in the colder months so why not grab a blanket scarf? They are oversized and sure to keep you cozy. When you go inside it can even double as a shawl. A simple head wrap was added to keep this Fashionista’s ears warm for walking from class to class.

Finishing off the outfit with a black and brown backpack to match everything, which is made from a waterproof material that is great for the snow to make sure your books don’t get wet. So grab your favorite winter gear and look fashionable while keeping warm!