WHAT TO WEAR: Walkin’ in Winter

Hello all Fashionistas! I am very excited about my first blog post. Coming from the Midwest, Wisconsin is one of many states experiencing the typical December mood swings. It’s 26 and sunny one day, 53 and windy the next. How do you know what to strut around in? Being home for the holidays I am surrounded by a whole new sense of style. Reconnecting with friends gave me the opportunity to collaborate outfits while opening up my fashion horizons. A previous Style Guru found her sense of fashion in her shoes, jeans, sweater, and accessories.

From a British website, ASOS, she found the perfect strutting boot. Bringing London’s fashion to the United States, ASOS eagle frosted heel sock boots are a must. This the perfect boot for all in-between weathers. From small layers of snow to melted puddles, you are able to walk through anything! Also, do not sweat the snow lines on top of your shoe. You are able to dab away any residue with a warm cloth dipped in water and soap.

I know you have seen ripped jeans all over retail stores and online websites, but ASOS is the best. No need to search. Here is the link to ASOS curve ridley skinny ankle grazer jeans in clean black with shredded rips. These are the perfect ripped jeans to keep you warm during the bipolar weather. As cute as ripped jeans are, even the littlest bit of air getting to your skin ruins the perfect day out. With shredded jeans, you’re still keeping most air out while maintaining a lovely day!

With the winter weather getting colder, finding reasonable priced sweaters that are good quality are at times hard to find. Don’t worry, H&M holds the comfiest chunky-knit turtleneck sweater. When a scarf can sometimes get in the way, a turtleneck never disappoints. If you’re out shopping, maybe at an outside mall, keeping your scarf at home and throwing on a warm turtleneck keeps you warm and your outfit fashionable.

I know, I know. Accessories are every Fashionista’s best friend. It is hard to leave them all at home while out and about. This is why rings are the best addition! Forever 21 is a great place to shop for all types of rings. With great pricing and quality, you will not be let down.

I hope this blog post helps all you winter humans in staying more comfortable, warm and fashionable. The weather is sometimes a let down on our outfits, but let us Style Gurus help you pick the right one!