WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Hey Fashionistas! My exams just finished and I’m living in Barcelona, so of course my principal activity right now is…the beach!

Sand behind my feet, the sound of waves crashing in my ears, sun on my skin…life truly begins when summer does. This week I will talk to you about what to wear on the beach as it is always hard to find a look that is both trendy and comfortable. I don’t know about you but when I am going to the beach, I do not want to spend one hour front of my mirror thinking of what I am going to wear. I already have my favorites I always take with me. In Barcelona, I live quite far from the beach and I need to cross the city so I can’t go completely ready with just a bathing suit and towel. Even if the Spanish are relaxed with clothing, this would be a bit too much.

To go to the beach, here I am wearing a kimono from Pull and Bear, overalls from Bershka, a T-shirt and bathing-suit from H&M, shoes from Forever 21 and my favorite basket ever that I bought on the market here in Spain. I think it is important not to wear too many jewels on the beach—to avoid ugly tanning marks first but also because cheap fantasy jewels will go bad with salted water.

One Simple Change: Just change your bag for a backpack, add gypsy jewelry and flowers in your hair and you have the perfect look to go to a concert or festival. Try it at the next Coachella!