WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

May 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

As family getaways are on the horizon as the spring semester comes to a close, the main question on my Fashionista brain is “What do I pack?” If you live in the Midwest, you know just how quickly the weather can go from sunny and breezy to cloudy and humid. These are the reasons why the Midwest Fashionistas have a terrible time packing for vacations. The biggest ordeal of all is “What attire do I travel in?”

Though we are not celebs who have the paparazzi lurking every time we step foot in public, regardless we would like to look presentable while traveling. This Fashionista is spot on from head to toe in her vacation travel attire. This Fashioista built her look around her cut-off denim shorts, which are a must on any summer vacation. The Fashionista adds a hint of Memorial Day white with her flowing cotton tank top.

Topping off this Fashionista’s look are her accessories. The reversible brown and black leather totes are all the rage on campus. They can easily be used for books, a laptop, an overnight bag or a traveling tote. The strap is long enough you can throw it over your shoulder and go. This Fashionista’s Jack Roger sandals are also a huge sensation on campus this spring. They are great walking and traveling shoes because they offer some support, while still being super stylish.

One Simple Change: Worst-case scenario, your flight to your vacation getaway is delayed, which leaves you stuck in the airport overnight. Always pack an extra change of clothing in your travel bag for emergencies as such. Swap your denim shorts for a comfortable pair of gym pants while in the airport. Then once your flight is ready, change back into your full travel attire.