WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Spring Break has finally come, and you have a whole schedule planned for the seven days. No matter if you are going home or traveling with friends, spring break outfits are crucial. For boys especially, Spring Break is a chance to have more outdoor experiences. Being outdoors for a long time requires you to wear comfortable clothes. But what if you still want to show off the spring break body you’ve been working on at the gym? What should you wear for Spring Break?

First, keep the color simple. Many people think of boys wearing Hawaiian board shorts during Spring Break, but they better suit beach trips in California. If you just plan to have a chill spring break with friends and family, ditch the gaudy shorts and keep the color simple. This Fashionisto chooses gray, white and khaki for the main colors. Light colored tops flatter his complexion. The T-shirt has some Asian elements within the black patterns. Simply made of lines, circles and triangles, this T-shirt shows his quiet but complex personality.

The light gray buttoned sweatshirt follows the rule of simple color and keeps you warm when having Spring Break in the Midwest. It combines the design of cardigans and the materials of sweatshirts, claiming that cardigans are not only for winter. A detail about this Fashionisto’s outfit is that he wears an electronic watch so he can know the time 24/7. Phones can lose power easily and having a watch around is always a good choice when traveling. The dark khaki pants fit the weather as well as his personal style. In all, light color outfits are a good to start spring. Patterns add a sense of dimension to the outfit and the twist on the classic cardigan shows personality.

One Simple Change: Weather in the Midwest is unpredictable. Spring Break may become summertime in a blink of an eye. Change those khaki pants into stylish khaki shorts and you are ready for summer.