WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Spring fever is almost in full bloom, and as the rays of sun are beginning to peek through the cloudy winter skies, more and more people are starting to plan their tropical getaways. Vacations are nothing without the perfect wardrobe to match, and this Fashionista has the perfect go-to vacation outfit that will keep you looking stylish without having to break a sweat.

Keeping cool is the number one priority when you are out under the beaming sun, especially since you don’t want to be looking like a hot mess in front of all the potential eye candy roaming the streets of paradise. This Fashionista makes the perfect choice by wearing a pair of distressed black denim shorts that will be sure to keep you cool under the heat. As for the rest of her outfit, she decided to keep things simple by sticking to a very muted color palette of blacks and whites. She paired her high-waisted shorts with a black and white graphic T-shirt that makes her outfit pop due to the huge white letters on it.

Having a safe place to store your essentials is also a key component to vacation outfit and that’s exactly what this Fashionista does. For accessories, she decided to go with this black faux leather backpack that is perfect for carrying around your daily essentials without having to resort to the traditional fanny pack. As for shoes, she went with a pair of jelly sandals that are comfortable enough to walk on all day without feeling like your feet are going to fall off.

One Simple Change: Want to turn this outfit into a nighttime look? Just trade in your high-waisted shorts and jelly shoes for a pair of pleated trousers and ankle-strap sandals that will give you the perfect look for a fun night out.