WHAT TO WEAR: Vacation

Now that we are halfway into summer, relaxation away from the academic life (unless you are enrolled for the summer) is well into play. And with a little extra time, this allows us Fashionista/os to submit ourselves into a little freedom. Vacation, no matter if you are going to a nearby local town or to a different country, does not excuse us from poor outfit choices.

This Fashionisto’s outfit screams chic, cool and hip, all while looking comfortable. This Fashionisto is ready to take on all the spontaneous events that can take place on a vacation. His outfit creates a light and summery feel.

Starting with his accessory, this Fashionisto makes the right choice in choosing to wear the round sunglasses. We have been seeing these sunglasses a lot lately and it makes the outfit cool and trendy. Although his shirt is simple, it falls loosely and creates a comfortable look. The slouchy shirt brings some color to the outfit, but it is not too dark to weigh the look down. This Fashionisto’s pants are my favorite piece of the outfit. They are light and serve as the center of the ensemble itself. The fit on the calves is the perfect way to wear a relaxed linen pant. Lastly, this week’s Fashionisto ties the whole thing together with very broken in white Vans. The Vans still maintain the light color of the outfit, but are comfortable enough for some rad events that will come later on in the day.

One Simple Change: Going to a concert later on? Wear a graphic T-shirt to represent the person/band you will be seeing! Don’t forget to bring a light sweater for the late summer nights.