WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

A close friend of mine recently completed an impressive solo-backpacking trip across the continent of Europe. Her exciting travels included London, Paris, Venice and Rome, just to name a few world-famous cultural meccas. Of course, the entire time she was gone, I was wishing I was right by her side experiencing it all with her. Eternally, I long to travel. As an obvious fashion enthusiast, I would set out to do it with practical, albeit refined style, wearing versatile and bohemian pieces, making statements at each of the stops in my adventurous travel itinerary.

My enthusiasm to travel and do it well has been impressed upon me by famous bloggers and celebrities alike that are so put together—quite possibly by teams of professional stylists and makeup artists—no matter the number of hours they must endure on red-eye flights across the world or the number of destinations they must conquer in a day. For us normal folk, then, this polished traveler look can be a much bigger challenge to achieve, but the Fashionista pictured above is undeniably on the right track!

She is sporting a loose, Forever 21 cami dress, simple comfy brown sandals and a gold necklace and watch. This dress is light and airy for the summer heat and comfortable enough for the long days playing tourist. Her hair is a perfect ombré and in loose tousled waves. This attractive young subject also has a perfect summer tan to boot.

One Simple Change: Don’t have time to run back to the hotel to change for dinner? Make this look go from day to night by throwing on a few more bracelets, touching up your makeup to be a few shades darker and you are ready for a fun meal in an exotic restaurant.