WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

There’s something about being in your 20s that makes you want to travel. At this particular stage in life we may not have a lot of money, but it’s nice to spend what little we have on memorable experiences. Traveling is great for seeing the world, experiencing different cultures and making memories with friends and family. Summer is a great time to travel because of the nice weather, and it’s the perfect break to reinvigorate you for the rest of the year. Plus, most of us have vacation hours to take advantage of.

While traveling, dressing up is nice but it is so much better when you have a comfortable outfit for those long hours on the road or in the air. This Fashionisto embodies comfort with his ensemble. He pairs a red and blue Brooklyn sweatshirt with gray jogger pants and tan boots. Cotton fabrics are always a good choice when trying to dress for comfort. His look is perfect for the occasion because the comfort and relaxation that the outfit displays is perfect for long car rides or planes trips.

I love that even though this is a casual look, the Fashionista still adds touches of flare with his earrings and watch. The mismatch in color is also great because his look seems effortless!

One Simple Change: This look can easily be changed if he were going to class. Just swap the joggers for jeans, pair them with running shoes and he’s set for a day in class.