WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

When in Rome do as the Romans do. While in Rome, the key is to be fashionable along with being comfortable. In a big city like Rome where everything is foreign to you, you never know where you will end up. One minute you could be walking 20 minutes to go to the Coliseum, the next you might find yourself completely lost. Being abroad and traveling is not easy, but being in a good and comfortable outfit can make the experience a little less aggravating. This Fashionista looks like she is ready for the walk and for the weather.

Every study abroad student needs a go-to outfit that is comfortable for sight-seeing and will still show off your stylish personality. For this Fashionista, nothing is better than to be walking around Rome in a swing dress with comfortable sandals. To dress up her look, she wore a statement necklace, and to be ready for the weather, she tops off her look with a trench coat. It is not easy to find an outfit that is comfortable for a 30-minute walk, but dresses can be a perfect solution to that problem. This swing dress from T.J.Maxx is the perfect dress for walking due to its fluidity and length. The statement necklace adds the right amount of sparkle to her outfit. The necklace even helps dress up the look, because after a long day of sight-seeing, nothing feels more relaxing than going out to dinner. This Fashionista is ready for the amazing sites and food that Rome has to offer. After all, nothing is better than traveling in style.

One Simple Change: To dress up this look a little more, the solution is to add a shoe with a heel, and even adding a leather jacket. Adding a shoe with a heel and a leather jacket makes this Fashionista look like she is ready for a night on the town.