WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

Summer is the time of year when students are headed home from college and people are starting to vacation more frequently. This creates for exhausting, tedious drives and plane rides, both hours long. It is really important that you make sure your outfit is comfortable or else it will be long ride. The good news is that you can still manage to look super cute but stay comfortable at the same time. I spotted a Fashionista on her way to the airport, and her look instantly caught my eye.

She appeared stylish and hip while also looking laid-back and relaxed. She was wearing a heather grey T-shirt from Brandy Melville along with a pair of solid black cotton leggings. She had tied a distressed red and blue flannel from Urban Outfitters around her waist. I thought this was absolutely brilliant. The flannel will come in handy when the plane gets cold, but it also adds a fun touch to her outfit. This Fashionista’s accessories were what really grabbed my attention. She was holding a black leather tote bag (a perfect carry-on), wearing metallic gold headphones around her neck and, for shoes, was wearing white low-top Converse. The Converse sneakers are great for traveling because they are currently very trendy but also extremely comfy. And we all know that the key to traveling is comfort.

With inspiration from this Fashionista’s look, you’ll be ready to feel AND look fabulous while traveling. I hope you all have an amazing summer, exploring new places and experimenting with new trends all over the world.

One Simple Change: Just got off the plane and want to run some errands to buy some vacation essentials you might’ve forgotten? Swap out the headphones for a statement necklace and the flannel for a denim jacket to create a fresh and casual new look.