Traveling is exciting, especially once you are at the destination. However, the whole process is truthfully boring and hectic. We all know that packing is a hassle and dressing up for the airport is not necessary, unless you are Victoria Beckham. Sometimes you have somewhere to be as soon as you land and check out. Traveling in style can be quick and easy with the right mindset. If celebrities travel in style, why can’t we?

This Fashionisto rocks his H&M outfit by mixing his navy blue shirt with his salmon pants. To recreate his signature look, loosen up the top by unbuttoning the first button and add gold accessories. He accessorized with a gold chain which can be found at Gold God and wore his Michael Kors watch, so he definitely won’t miss his flight. Then, his Dolce&Gabbana carry-on is the perfect piece to bring on the plane, train or bus. For extra comfort on the feet, make sure to pack socks in your carry-on, so you can put them on during a plane ride or road trip—your feet will thank you!

For travelers who are visiting cold climates, add a cardigan to the look. Stick to neutral cardigans because it will bring out the statement colors that you may be wearing. Wearing boots will also bring the seasonal outfit to life.

Traveling in style does not require as much effort as we all think. Pick out your nicest outfit that makes you feel confident as well as looking confident.