WHAT TO WEAR: Too Cool For School

As most of us here know, college can be a hectic time. From balancing a heavy course load as well as a full plate of extracurriculars, we are left with very little time for ourselves. I’m all too familiar with this struggle. With 17 credit hours, an executive position in my sorority and a part-time internship, I usually feel like I barely have enough time to sleep much less take the time to make myself look presentable. More often than not, I find myself sporting my sweatpants and slippers to my classes because it is comfortable and easy. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, when you happen to see your crush or that guy you’re dreaming will ask you to his fraternity formal this coming weekend, you begin to second guess those sweatpants you have on that you low-key wore to bed last night. He won’t be able to tell, right?

After being a victim to this awkward encounter time and time again, I began to explore ways in which it would be possible to look cute and be comfortable throughout a full day of classes. During the midst of this search, I discovered this Fashionista on her way home from class dressed in an effortless look that was both trendy and comfortable.

She layers a Brandy Melville limited-edition camouflage jacket on top of a colorfully-printed adidas shirt. These contrasting patterns work together in an unexpected way giving her look a unique touch. This Fashionista stays cozy and warm throughout the day with these grey, tweed-like lululemon leggings. These comfortable, soft-leather Dr. Martens allow her to sprint from class to class with ease. She finishes the look by packing her books and laptop into this trendy Herschel Supply Co. backpack.

This look screams comfort with the snug leggings, soft boots, and relaxed T-shirt. However, the camouflage jacket, interesting graphics of the T-shirt and motorcycle look of the boots give it an undeniable edge. This Fashionista’s effortless, yet trendy outfit allows her to balance her busy schedule while still appearing too cool for school.