WHAT TO WEAR: Time To Distress

With all the craziness that comes with going back to school, the one thing that always gets every girl is the attempt to try and not pack away their whole closet. As summer comes to an end, we are beginning our transition into that awkward season where you never know whether to wear pants or a dress. As classes start, you want to dress to impress—at least for the first day—before you pull out the leggings and hoodies. There are a few essentials that are needed to have a successful back to school outfit.

Our Fashionista for the month of September combined the perfect amount of cute and comfort. She brought out the white Articles of Society distressed jeans just in time for Labor Day. No white after Labor Day, remember folks! Pairing the jeans up with a blush colored LUSH T-shirt and tying it up in front to add a little something-something. As for shoes, comfort is key. Especially when you are walking all across campus, you want to make sure to be stylish all while avoiding blisters! That’s why our Fashionista is wearing Vince Camuto’s ‘Tarita’ Cutout Lace-Up Sandals. With the little chunky heel, you are guaranteed to make an entrance in any classroom. While this Fashionista wore this ensemble for class, it is also a perfect outfit to wear to Sunday brunch or a night on the town! Add a cute jean jacket with a few layering necklaces and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit, whether you’re meeting up your best friends for dinner or shopping after class on The Magnificent Mile.