WHAT TO WEAR: The Simpler Things

When it comes to style, creating a timeless look is essential. Being able to piece together inspiration from various sources shows that creating outfits is not only enjoyable, but an art form. For September’s look, I reached out to a new classmate who’d caught my eye the second that I saw him. With an undeniable eye for always looking right, and a closet which people of all ages would dream of, this College Fashionisto turns heads effortlessly.

As Orlando experiences the summer to fall transition, thicker fabrics and longer seams are undeniably in season. As I ventured to my second class of the day, I just had to photograph such an outfit. Simple classics such as the everyday ripped jean paired with a white baseball jersey provide an edgy, yet sporty ensemble. The mix of navy, white and denim blue provide a classic, yet ageless look, which has been adored for decades.

What truly makes this Fashionistos outfit stand out though, is the use of statement accessories. Blacked out aviator glasses and a leather messenger bag not only look good, but in turn give “back to school” a whole new meaning. While many others would prefer to throw on a pair of flip flops and the standard hoodie, this freshman instead chose to kick on a pair of strap-on sneakers, which had a twist of ’90s and now. More so, by wearing a Casio watch, he not only completes the look, but adds on to the sharp image which this outfit creates.

So, while keeping things simple is sometimes seen as just sweet, this month’s Fashionisto proves that simple is effective and more so, neat.