July 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

Summer is officially here! Well, it’s been here for a while now but nevertheless we have been blessed with the most anticipated season of the year. Whether you love this season for the night bonfires on the beach or extra time to make some cash, summer brings along pure excitement and a chance for some rad experiences. Summer seems to also bring a huge wave of styles. There’s the flash tattoos and buckle belts that come with festival season, the trendy off-shoulders and the go-to shorts with a top. This Fashionista shows us that wearing simple pieces doesn’t have to be boring in the least bit.

In this New York City humidity, this Fashionista shows us that it’s so easy to stay cool and chic this summer. Taking an accessory that we’d typically find in our winter stash she creates a head-wrap design with a colorful scarf. For any Fashionistas and Fashionistos that haven’t figured out to combat frizz, a head-wrap is a simple and stylish way to protect your hair. There are endless designs that can fit anyone’s personal style. She continues to accessorize by layering dainty necklaces that accentuate the V-neck on her top. Most people think a white T-shirt is a plain staple that we all have, but this Fashionista takes the white T-shirt to another level. The V-neck that was mentioned before is a little DIY made with some scissors and a few tug-and-pulls which pairs perfectly with the [intentional] holes throughout her top. To make it even more customizable, she creates a sleeveless look inspired by the popular muscle tee designs.  She tucks the front of her concert-worthy top into her blue shorts. Her simple sand-colored sandals coordinate wonderfully with her unique wanderlust tote bag.

One Simple Change: The back-to-school commercials are around the corner, which means we’re getting ready to adjust to campus life again. Swap out the sandals for a statement pair of Keds that’ll keep you comfortable for a day filled with back-to-back classes and new campus jobs.