As the summer months heat up, it can be tricky to balance comfort with style. Although it would be easier to simply throw on a pair of running shorts and a T-shirt, a more fashion forward look isn’t hard to achieve. Light colors reflect the sun and breezy fabrics give a bit of airflow. Topping your look off with a hat not only gives a touch of flair, but also protects from the sun.

Many celebrities have been recently spotted joining in on the wide-brimmed hat trend. From the infamous hat that Pharell sold to Arby’s for $44,100 to the signature looks of both rapper Theophilus London and singer Jame Bay, it’s become quite common to see hats as a menswear accessory in pop culture. Nick Fouquet, an independent hat-maker, has grown quite popular and hand designs and crafts custom fedoras and top hats that have been featured in magazines such as GQ and Vogue. This trend is an easy way to join the cool crowd!

This Fashionisto shows off a dapper outfit that stands up to hot days. His shirt has a pocket to slide his sunglasses into when he’s not wearing them and short sleeves to show off a peak of his tattoos. Most guys tend to avoid jewelry, but this Fashionisto shows how easy it is to elevate a look with colorful layered bracelets and rings. He opts for simple leather sandals to keep cool. To finish his look and shade his face, he wears an ever stylish black wide-brim hat.

One Simple Change:  To make this Summer daytime look more suitable for Date Night, swap out sandals for a pair of leather loafers or suede Chelsea boots.