Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s atelier that featured Alina Cho and Alexander Wang. Wang, known as an innovator in both women’s and men’s contemporary wear, spoke about his humble introduction to the fashion industry—an introduction that commenced when he took coloring sheets of fish and sketch dresses over their scales. After the atelier, I had the opportunity to speak to the former curator-in-charge of the MET’s Costume Institute: Harold Koda. Both Wang and Koda reiterate the importance of menswear, as Mr. Wang creates clothing for the modern man and Mr. Koda reiterates the importance of men’s investment in clothing.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until my proper exposure to New York men that I realized the opposite sex could go as all out as women with regard to street style, even when dressing for a casual day at Washington Square Park. Menswear is advantageous in that many designers create layered looks for men’s fashion week (which is right around the corner!). Take this Fashionisto for example, who sports a breathable white V-neck with a plaid flannel. This flannel evokes pieces in Alexander McQueen’s Widows of Culloden, and provides the wearer with the perfect transition piece into summer. Throw on a necklace before leaving the house to complete the look.

As for footwear, white, canvas sneakers maintain the casual vibe of the outfit, all the while not attracting sunlight to your most valuable asset this internship season–your feet. How else will you make those daily runs to the Metro station? Ralph Lauren typically carries sneakers that are both functional and fashionable–perfect for the summer weather. In other words, these transition pieces leave guys with no excuse for showing up to events in joggers this month.

One Simple Change: Have to run errands after watching the concert in the park? Throw on a baseball cap to shield yourself from the sun!