June 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

Now that it is officially summer, there are countless posts on cute summer outfits for women—but what about the men? There are plenty of men who want to look stylish and cool, they just don’t know what to wear. The outfit that Fashionisto is sporting is simple and easy for men to recreate with pieces they already have in their closets!

Often, when summertime rolls around, guys tend to throw on a T-shirt and shorts with sneakers and they’re out the door. While that is an easy outfit, this outfit is just as effortless but looks much more polished. Instead of a T-shirt, reach for a solid-colored, short sleeve polo shirt instead. It’s just as comfortable, but the collar makes it more fashionable than a plain T-shirt. Since the shirt is plain, choose a pair of shorts with a pattern–either subtle or bold. For the cleanest look, make sure some element of the pattern contains the same color as the shirt. Switch out the sneakers for a pair of boat shoes or driving moccasins and throw on a watch, and you’re good to go.

The outfit this Fashionisto is wearing is a perfect example of a comfy yet trendy summer outfit. He’s wearing a solid gray, Eddie Bauer polo shirt paired with a pair of light khaki, Chino shorts that have a small olive green plaid print on them. He paired his outfit with some dark brown, casual loafers and a slick, black Pulsar watch. The addition of a watch to this outfit is not only practical but also adds a chic accessory. This outfit is simple to create and yet it looks very put together.

One Simple Change: To change this outfit from a summer look to a fall or winter look, all you have to do is make a few quick swaps. Grab a jacket or a cardigan to put over your polo shirt and switch out the shorts for a pair of pants or nice jeans. By making these small changes, this outfit can be worn across all of the seasons.