The dog days of summer have officially hit here on the East Coast, and the only salvation can be air conditioning and the beach. Thankfully, here, there’s no shortages of sand-filled havens. Hitting the beach can be more than just a cure for the heat; it can also be a time to relax with friends and get a killer tan (using sunscreen of course—SPF 30 and above please). So even though driving to the beach while sitting on pleather car seats can be a bit of a drag, it doesn’t mean you have to look like the sweaty mess you actually feel like.

This Fashionista has the perfect solution for airflow and style—a dress. Wearing a dress to the beach can make things so much easier; not only is it one piece so you don’t have to worry about losing something, but it also provides airflow and ease. This Fashionista didn’t throw on any old dress. Her dress is beautiful with this “chiffonesque” fabric that provides comfort while not trapping the heat in. The pattern and silhouette of this dress also have a nautical feel to them with the stripes and tied waist. This Fashionista was sure to grab her sunglasses in black to not only look super RAD, but naturally so she could stare at people on the beach without them knowing. Pulling the look together, she grabbed a simple pair of white sandals ready to hit the boardwalk and a classic Michael Kors bag perfect for fitting cash and sunblock as needed. The beach is definitely a place that allows for simplicity in dress, but don’t let that stop you from still adding style to your look. By having one simple, statement piece like a dress your look is put together yet still easy.

One Simple Change: Throw on a pair of black heels and pull your hair up, and this outfit is ready for the internship office. These little changes will create a streamline look which is perfect for those days at work when you wish you were at the beach.