July 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

The end of July is quickly approaching, which means blazing sun rays and extremely hot days. Staying cool and hydrated is a necessity for summer and this Fashionista is showing off how to stay simple, fashionable and, most importantly, cool. With the latest trends seeming to be light wash jeans, basic shirts and Birkenstocks, this Fashionista has it all.

Staying cool in the scorching heat is beyond important. Whether you are staying hydrated and dressing cool, there is always a way to do it in a fashionable manner. This Fashionista chose to stay cool and fashionable by pairing her light wash denim shorts with an olive green tank top. The material of the tank top is light, which makes for the perfect summer wear, and would look just as great under a cardigan in the fall! Searching for light material shirts and even loose blouses is the perfect route to take when wanting to keep your cool and stay within the fashion radar.

Paired with this summer look is the sleek Birkenstocks that can be worn with nearly anything. From T-shirt dresses to this Fashionista’s outfit, Birkenstocks have been the go-to of the season for many people. Also paired with her outfit is the handmade tassel necklace. Tassels have also been continuously popping up online and in boutiques. The tassels add so much to an outfit, but are somehow still so simple. What is not to love about the tassel?

Always remember the importance of staying cool in the rising temperatures. Staying cool means staying hydrated and fashionable with your season-appropriate outfit! Instead of pulling out your thick blouse, grab your simple tank top and put it together to create a style like this Fashionista’s.

One Simple Change: Instead of using this outfit as inspiration for the summer heat wave, archive it and pull it out when you start grabbing cardigans. Mix up the shorts with a pair of light-washed jeans, and swap out the shoes for a suede pair of wedges. Adding an oversized cardigan over the basic tank top and keeping the jewelry spices up the outfit for the frosty fall days ahead!