Out of all the thousands of reasons why I love summer, one that is creeping ahead at around number 20 is summer whites! White is one of the greatest colors to wear during the warmer months. Why? It’s fresh, versatile, simple and the perfect shade to show off your summertime glow (humble brag). Honestly. Who doesn’t love it?! Well with that said, white-on-white is the perfect ensemble for any warm weather occasion. Whether you’re heading to the beach, attending a Friday night barbecue or maybe going to a classic all-white party, this is a perfect look for any summer occasion.

This Fashionista was headed to a white party when I stole her away from the limelight for a hot second and, click click, snapped her chic look. Rocking it in a geometric crop top and white flared mini skirt, she dresses up her look with statement jewelry and killer lace-up heels. She proves that just because you’re wearing all-white like everyone else, it doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring and just like all the other party attendees’ looks. Pick simple white basics for the base of the look, then dress it up with accessories. This will make your costume unique from everyone else’s.

One Simple Change: I hate to say it, but soon the sun will be setting an hour earlier and the breeze will begin to pick up in the evening hours. In this case, when transitioning from summer to fall, there is no need to throw your summer lovin’, white-on-white ensemble into the back burner until next Memorial Day. To prevent a severe case of the chills, however, try adding atop the white a light jacket. With this outfit, a camel trench jacket would go fabulously as it matches the lace-up heels.