If you are from the Midwest, you know that when it’s humid, it is HUMID. This last week has brought with it an abundance of thunderstorms, which has shifted humidity to an uncomfortable high. When temperatures sky-rocket, it can be challenging to dress for the heat while still looking fashionable.

This Fashionisto has managed to accomplish both these feats. His look is a polished summer-casual featuring a pair of light blue chambray shorts and a breezy button-down with a triangular pattern to add flair. This Fashionisto is definitely ahead of the curve by showcasing these shorter length shorts, a length ever present on the runway, but not yet fully adopted into consumer culture. Finally the pattern of his top gives a great ’80s retro flair to a simple button-down.

Why does this look work seamlessly for the heat wave? Well, the key is finding garments that have a breezy, light, quality to them. Chambray shorts, like the ones this Fashionisto is wearing, are a great substitute for denim shorts. Picking a top that is a lightweight, an oversized linen or rayon, will also help keep the body cool. When beating the heat, focus on garments that will allow proper air flow and easily release body heat, this is important! Choose shorts that are a looser fit. While denim will work, chambray will allow more comfortability and ease. Pick a top that is a light material, especially an oversized cut that will breathe nicely.

We should never sacrifice fashion for the changing weather, following after this Fashionisto we can beat the heat and still look fabulous.

One Simple Change: Though the weather can be unbearable during the day, it tends to plummet throughout the night. Get a day to night look by simply throwing on a pair of jeans, button up the top all the way and feature a wild necklace under the collar. If you need an extra layer, throw on a light trucker jacket.