Summer is in full swing and the heat is here to stay. Summer in the South, especially Georgia, does not just mean the sun blazing down on you, but enough humidity to make you feel sticky if you are outside long enough. Shorts and tank tops are all the rage during this season. The challenge is finding a way to put a little personality into your ensemble.

What first caught my eye about this Fashionista was her knit vest. The yellow and orange colors of the vest really bounce off of the olive green colored simple tank top underneath. The Fashionista matched these muted tones on top with a pair of jean shorts to create a casual look. High-waisted shorts make a great go-to item choice during these hot summer months.

Her solid white shoes are great for some adventures around the city. They might get a little dirty but you can always just throw them in the wash and they’ll be almost as good as new. The Fashionista added a little beaded bracelet to the outfit for a little something extra.

The look all together gives off a summer comfort vibe. This Fashionista is ready to go off and explore unknown places, visit her favorite clothing stores, search for the ice cream truck or whatever the summer day has planned for her.

One Simple Change: You can bring this summer look to fall by switching out the high-waisted shorts for a pair of jeans. Try cuffing them at the bottom to show of the white shoes. This new look is great for when the heat is not as intense, but the first part of fall is still pretty hot, well at least in the south, so the tank top is still a go.