WHAT TO WEAR: Strange Spring

May 12th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Strange Spring

This season has been nothing if not unpredictable. It can be within the high 60s or low 70s for a few days and then drop to 40s and rain the next. It’s almost impossible to plan looks each day because the weather can change in an instant. Like everyone always says, layers are key to being prepared for the changing weather and adding some extra interest to an outfit.

By using an entirely black base and adding an oversize olive green jacket on top, this Fashionista is ready to face the colder weather we’ve been experiencing on North Central College’s campus lately. This duster style has been really popular lately, and it’s perfect for spring because it’s lightweight and made for that in between weather we’re having right now. For an even more spring-ready style, try out a denim duster on top of your look.

In terms of the base in her outfit, she kept it simple with an all-black look: a long sleeve top, basic jeans, and classic booties. As the weather continues to warm up, the top can be replaced with a short sleeve or sleeveless blouse. Keep the jacket, though, for those chilly mornings and then lose it in the afternoon when the sun is out and it’s actually warm. The jacket will also come in handy for those cold classrooms.

The jeans can also be replaced with shorts or cropped pants, whatever you’re feeling that day and whatever the weather will allow you to wear. Swap out the booties for sandals and swipe some bright nail polish on your toes to officially welcome the warm weather season.

Weird weather can have you scratching your head trying to figure out what to wear, but by sticking with basics and switching them out based on the temperature, you’re sure to have a look that works for whatever surprise Mother Nature decides to send us.