WHAT TO WEAR: Springing Forward

What is with this weather? The reality of it being 65 degrees in February has got many people jumping for joy. Early spring jitters are in the air, and when you live in a place that rarely sees the sun in the winter, it is only natural that you take advantage of every day where the temperature is above 40. Luckily, almost every day has been beautiful this past week. However, with the change in weather also comes the urge to delve into our spring clothes. Living in a city that regularly endures harsh winters and suffers through blizzards and snow storms, the excitement to “spring forward” is a little less. Nonetheless, these temperatures call for breaking away from the endless sweaters. The result is that many Fashionistas/os these days are sporting a look that is just right for these in-between days.

This Fashionista kept it casual. She knows better than to get psyched about the weather because the reality is you just might see snow the very next day. Regardless of this, she was excited to break away from the puffy coat and snow boots and jump into a more lightweight weather friendly outfit. The look she is sporting here is perfect for class. It is casual yet super cute. The rugged ripped jeans are perfect to add an edge to any outfit. They are the perfect pair to this cutout distressed sweatshirt. Not only is it trendy, but it is perfect for days when the weather is a bit warmer. To top it all off, the black quilted leather shoes are perfect. They compliment the look to a tee. This Fashionista may have kept it simple, but she surely hit all the marks of style. She used the weather as her inspiration and managed to look edgy and stylish all in one.

Winter is long and many times unbearably cold; therefore, it’s no wonder why this Fashionista jumped at the chance to cherish these warmer days. But let’s take caution: Even if the weather looks and feels like spring, the calendar still says winter. And believe me, I know it’s tough not to throw your coats back into storage and break out your favorite off the shoulder tops, but these are the times when mixing and matching your seasonal wardrobes are best. So don’t be afraid to take risks. Cherish the weather and always be sure to make a fashionable statement. We may not be technically springing forward, but our wardrobes are more than ready. And on the bright side, in just a few short months, the weather won’t be as much of a tease.