WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break Edition

March is here and that means only one thing for us college students: spring break! Students travel all over the world looking for adventure, but if you’re anything like this Fashionista, you’re chasing the warm weather. The spring season brings motivation, positivity, and of course, sunshine. As the brutal winter weather comes to a halt, it’s time to put that winter coat away and break out the crop top!

Layering is a great way to not only create a cute look, but to stay warm when the clouds hide the sun or when the evening breeze begins to roll in. Spring weather can often be unpredictable, so this Fashionista paired a simple white cardigan with her crop top for the perfect combination to brace whatever Mother Nature throws at her.

It’s not quite summertime, so shorts may not be the best option for bottoms just yet. This Fashionista chose to wear a pair of her lightly ripped skinny jeans and roll them at the bottom for the perfect spring look. She’s cute, comfortable, and ready to ride with the windows down, which is exactly why she chose a thick, black statement headband as an accessory. In addition to matching her crop top, this Fashionista used the accessory to keep her gorgeous beach waves from getting tangled in the wind.

This Fashionista is dressed for spring break from head to toe, literally! Her white high-top sneakers are the perfect finishing touch to her spring break look. The spring season lightens fashion laws and allows the color white to be incorporated into the wardrobe more. While the warm weather makes everyone want to unbury their flip-flops and sandals, these stylish sneakers are the perfect fit for adventuring.

Whether you’re chasing the sunshine, climbing mountains, sailing seas, or road tripping this spring break, don’t forget to pack up your cutest spring break gear. Show off your sense of style no matter where you go just like this Fashionista. Safe travels!