WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

April 20th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

Spring break is finally here; the time that us college students patiently wait for after all the midterm commotion is blown over. Spring fashion is one of my favorite types of style because it’s the time that all of the colors come out, and people get to be more creative with their looks rather than just throwing on a sweater, jacket, and leggings to keep warm.

I caught this Fashionista at Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida, looking trendy as ever. She styled her black sneakers with zippers, with black jeans, and a black off-the-shoulder top. You can never go wrong with all black outfits, but to add a little pop of color she sported a pink hat with black details that complimented the full look to perfection.

This Fashionista took her full black outfit one step further by focusing on the details to dress it up a bit. All the little details make the outfit look that much more put together, from her Tiffany & Co. silver pearl necklace to her Burberry watch and Tiffany & Co beaded bracelet.

My best advice for spring breakers is to not be afraid to add a little dash of color to any outfit, especially if you’re wearing dark colors or all black. Stepping out of your comfort zone by wearing colors or accessories that you typically wouldn’t wear is a great way to express yourself and can give others outfit inspirations just by seeing how fabulous you look. A pink hat was never a first choice in my head of items to wear, but after seeing this Fashionista sporting it, I’m definitely going to need to add one into my wardrobe.