Sun, flowers, smoothies, heat…you know what this means. It’s officially—and above all, finally—spring. Time to trade the sweaters for the short-sleeve tops, the coats for the jean jackets and the boots for the sandals. Time to say goodbye to layers and hello to skin. It’s about time, don’t you think?

Now that spring has sprung (Wow Paula, how original of you) the opportunities to experiment with our personal style and outfits have grown immensely. There’s nothing more satisfying and pleasant than waking up in the morning and opening a new, fresh closet filled with colors, prints and lighter clothes. New trends are slowly taking over the fashion world and getting all the Fashionistas excited for the arrival of even warmer and nicer spring days. Words cannot describe how happy both my closet and I are now that the frigid weather is finally behind us. They really, really can’t.

This Fashionista has the ideal edgy look for New York’s spring days. Although warm and sunny, it still tends to get a teeny-tiny bit chilly outside— especially when it’s windy (nope, not complaining). I spotted this Fashionista walking around campus in the perfect pair of light wash high-waisted jeans that complement her figure and make the look very appropriate for school. On top she wore a plain white T-shirt which she tied in the front to add a more personal, unique and quirky vibe to the outfit and over it threw on a military green thin jacket to keep herself warm. As for her shoes, she wore a beautiful pair of black leather boots with gold details on the sides to maintain the outfit’s overall edgy vibe. Her accessories were simple but did not fail to make a statement— a cute necklace, a beautiful gold watch and a to-die-for gold bracelet.

Does her outfit not scream edgy, casual, trendy and above all, spring appropriate? I’m pretty sure it does. Way to go, girl.

One Simple Change: So obsessed with outfits like this one that you want to continue wearing them during the summer? All you have to do is make them more appropriate for even warmer weather. It’s not hard at all. Just take off the jacket and the boots and instead put on a pair of cute wedges and you’re all set. Now go out and enjoy the sun; we’ve been waiting for it for too long.