For some of us, the beginning of March marks the beginning of spring. However, those of us who live in the Midwest know that “spring” is a very uncertain concept. It could be the last few days of March and there could be snow, so keeping warm garments on standby during the early weeks of spring is strongly advised. I’m not saying you need to stay in hibernation in your parka that you haven’t removed since Christmas, but you shouldn’t be busting out the Chubbies, either.

In this in between season, look at this Fashionisto’s perfectly effortless style. Sticking with long pants, he has chosen a pair of steel gray jeans that switches up the typical blue jeans that most men wear. Although these pants aren’t the normal hue that most guys sport, they still remain versatile and comfortable when going to class or the library.

Sometimes keeping an outfit simple is the best way to go and this Fashionisto does just that by pairing his gray jeans with a plain white T-shirt. Adding a gray beanie, like his Ralph Lauren one, complements the rest of the gray within his outfit like the accents shown on his Nike Air Jordan sneakers.

With the weather rapidly changing in the next few weeks, make sure to keep some of your warm clothing ready. Maintain a cool and comfortable spring wardrobe by mixing warmer items with cooler ones. Keep this Fashionisto in mind when picking out your daily ensemble because he perfectly pairs pants with a short sleeve shirt to create a complete spring outfit.

One Simple Change: Want to make this look date night worthy? Ditch the beanie and swap the sneakers for a pair of oxfords or desert boots.