April 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

As much as we Fashionistas try to fight it, there is no denying that the weather heavily dictates our style. When the snow is two feet deep or the air is humid enough to swim through, we often have no choice but to succumb to nature’s pressures and dress according to the weather’s dictations if we want to survive to see the next season roll around. Fortunately for all Fashionistas, spring has finally arrived—and it has brought all of its perfect weather along with it.

Though Spring weather can be erratic, it’s hard to complain about the influx of sunny days and steadily rising temperatures. However, its unpredictability does often cause problems in the sartorial department. So how does one dress for thunderstorms, sunshine and a range of 40 degrees all in one day? This Fashionista has it down to a science.

Dressed in a casual, laid back ensemble, this Fashionista is prepared for anything Mother Nature throws her way. Layering denim on denim, her easy separates are versatile enough to transition through any fluctuation in temperature. Her button-down shirt is light enough to keep on throughout the day and alleviates the need for an annoying jacket and her cuffed jeans are long enough to prevent goosebumps and hide pale winter legs. She threw some good ol’ Kentucky appreciation into the mix with a graphic T-shirt, adding a little excitement to the outfit while preparing herself for warmer temperatures. She added adorable brown booties to finish the outfit, shielding her toes from spring’s perpetual impending doom of puddles and keeping with the cute but casual theme of her ensemble.

Winter may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can suddenly forget about the weather. While spring is one of the most pleasant seasons of the year, it is not without its downfalls—and unpredictability is number one. This Fashionista’s outfit is a lesson in how to dress when you don’t know what to expect, so take notes on her casually cool ensemble. All you need is a bit of light layering and a touch of fun and you’ll be ready to take on whatever Mother Nature brings your way.

One Simple Change: Feeling a little love in the warm spring air? Replace those jeans with a flirty skirt and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a casual date night.