May 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

The much-anticipated transition from winter to spring can be a stressful time for a Fashionista/o. Combined with the dread of finals, the unpredictable weather can have one wondering what to wear and digging through piles of summer clothes, only to be met by unexpectedly cold temperatures. Fortunately, this Fashionista has the transition mastered and is always looking her best, no matter what the weather.

Staying true to the New Yorker in her, this Fashionista embodies chic with her classic use of black. She perfectly ties in current spring trends with her floppy hat and lightweight coat. Springtime in Boulder can be pretty chancy so it’s often a good idea to leave the house with some sort of outerwear. Layering is important no matter the season and this Fashionista has it down!

Another noteworthy aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit is how she pairs her accessories. She truly rocks the all-black outfit with gold accents. Her gold accessories are from various places, including friends, family and Tiffany & Co. Layered necklaces and stackable rings can be incorporated into so many outfits and are really fun once you have a good sized collection. This Fashionista’s boots are from Frye and are a wardrobe staple. They are perfect for walking through campus and look great with her mid-calf black socks!

One Simple Change: In order to take this look from day to night, change the boots to booties. The light jacket will have you covered and keep you cozy when the sun goes down!