May 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

Although spring is indubitably one of the greatest seasons for a multitude of reasons (warmer weather, new fashion trends and no more snow!), it is also one of the most difficult seasons to get dressed in. One day it’s 50 degrees and rainy and the next it’s 70 degrees and sunny, but us Fashionistas/os never let this unpredictability tamper with our love of getting dressed in the morning. The key to dealing with spring’s irregularity in the world of fashion is layering, which is exactly what this Fashionisto did.

This Fashionisto had the right idea for getting dressed for the spring weather. Taking the temperature into account, he layered his no-collar denim shirt (which is extremely trendy at the moment) under a simple black sweatshirt that he could take off if it got warm and sunny. His jeans were another perfect match for the weather because although it can get pretty toasty during a spring day, by the time night rolls around, it always gets a tad chilly. With his sweatshirt and long pants, he was suited for whatever the weather might have thrown at him.

By cuffing his jeans at the bottom he was not only playing along with the warmer temperature, but was also showing off his insanely cool maroon Vans. Sneakers, especially ones like these, are perfect for the spring because they’re a much lighter option than the typical winter choice of boots. The shoes also offer a pop of color for an otherwise more neutral look, which is another stellar choice for the season.

His backpack, hat and glasses are the perfect accessories to finish off this casual spring look. Since the weather is often nice in this wonderful season, his backpack is the perfect touch for a day that will probably be spent outside.

Next stop: summer!

One Simple Change: Swap out the denim shirt and sweatshirt for a nice button-down and cardigan. With your more dressed-up look, you’re ready for brunch in the city.