April 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Men’s style is one of my favorite things to look out for during the springtime. On my campus specifically, spring is a time for guys to break out of their layered up winter clothes and bring out the pastel shorts and pants in all the colors you can think off. This spring look by this Fashionisto is the perfect spring dress guide.

The purple gingham button-down gives the perfect pop of color for spring and the fresh print of the shirt makes a necessity for spring since the spring season is all about bright and clean prints in order to match the nice weather that emerges. This Fashionisto kept his pants in a neutral tone, gray, making it a great tone for spring since it is lighter than a pair of stark black pants.

My favorite pieces of this look come from the accessories. The puffer vest that is accompanied by a tribal print gives his outfit the perfect finishing touch. The mixing of prints, like the gingham and tribal print, is a great way to enhance the look and playfulness of every outfit. The addition of a vest is perfect for spring because it allows men or women, to stay warm without having to rely on their bulky winter coats. It also allows for the majority of your outfit to still be seen so you can show off the stylish elements of an outfit that would normally be hidden under a jacket. He completes the look with a high-top leather sneaker. These shoes are a great transition item between snow boots for winter and flip-flops for summer because they are light yet still have full coverage. The final accessory is the wooden bracelet which helps to tie in the tribal print from the vest and also shows that men do not have to shy away from bracelets or other types of jewelry in their outfits!

One Simple Change: Now that the Villanova Wildcats have won the NCAA Basketball Championship, our campus has been full of celebration. With that in mind, this look could easily transition from a springtime outfit to one for a celebratory tailgate. The simple change you would have to make is by replacing the button-down with a long sleeve Villanova T-shirt or jersey underneath the vest and you are ready to go tailgating with all your fellow students.