Springtime can be one of the most frustrating seasons to dress for, especially living in a state with weather such as Ohio. The weather can go up and down constantly, sometimes being very cold in the mornings, then hot in the afternoon. For a college student, this can be irritating because most students do not have time to go change in between classes or want to carry extra clothes around.

Springtime is a great season to show off your layering skills. This Fashionista is rocking a long, maroon short sleeve tunic along with a mid-length, lightweight jacket. This jacket is perfect for spring because it will keep her warm in the chilly mornings, but it won’t overheat her in the afternoon. Also, the jacket is a thin material, so it can easily be stored without causing too much bulk or heaviness to her bag.

A huge trend right now is wearing lots of jewelry. A choker and layering necklaces also goes along with this trend. Layering necklaces gives a simple outfit that extra detail to cause more attraction to the eye. Also, I absolutely love wearing lots of rings and seeing other Fashionistas who love this look as well. Rings are so subtle, but they also have a huge impact on an outfit because each ring can be so different, but somehow go together.

Converse are a timeless piece that can be worn with almost anything at anytime of the year. This Fashionista is wearing all-black Converse, which add a little spunk to her overall feminine, casual look. Her pants sit right about where her shoes start, breaking up the bottoms and adding to her spring style. The sunglasses add another piece of edge to her look as well as add to her excitement for the warm weather. The sunglasses give the outfit a trendy look while not making the look any less casual.

One Simple Change: This look could easily be transitioned into the summer season by taking off the jacket and adding simple gladiator sandals to get ready for the hot months ahead.