April 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

Erratic. That is the only real way I can describe springtime whether. One day it may be 45 degrees with the wind chill way above anything you even want to think about. The next day the temperature magically jumps to 75 degrees with the blazing sun beating down on your skin. You sit there and wonder how this is even possible (the answer is global warming). Yesterday people wore their Canada Goose jackets and today the girl next to you dons some shorts and a tank top. Both are a bit extreme, leaving you still questioning how to properly dress for this weather. My advice? Layer up! The only way to be comfortable during this transitional time period is donning a multitude of layers.

This stylish, handsome young man does just that. He dons many different layers, ensuring that he will not freeze nor sweat on this fine spring day. On top, this Fashionisto perfectly exemplifies the layering idea. First, he starts off with an off-white henley: simple, yet clean. Next, he throws on a navy blue button-down over his T-shirt. With a light pink floral design on the button-down, a subtle detail and pop of color are added to the otherwise pretty monochromatic outfit, making this shirt a point of interest. And for the finishing touch to this look of layers, this stylish guy sports a brown suede jacket on top. This combination of T-shirt, button-down and jacket ensures warmth, while also giving the flexibility to take off any layer, except for maybe the T-shirt, if the temperature creeps up just a bit too much.

To pull the look together, some blue, lightweight chinos and brown lace-up boots are added, nicely coordinating with the blue button-down and brown suede jacket. The lightweight chinos are a nice addition to anyone’s wardrobe, as the thin fabric allows practical wear throughout all of spring and summer. And of course, no outfit is complete without a good pair of sunglasses as shown by the Ray-Ban rounds modeled by this stylish New Yorker.

So, my advice to you; when the weather is temperamental, as it currently is, just layer up. This will allow you to be prepared for the constantly changing weather ahead. No one wants to still wear his bulky winter sweater in April, and you definitely do not want to be that person wearing a Canada Goose jacket well into spring.

One Simple Change: So a few months pass and it is now summer, with temperatures consistently in the 80’s. All you have to do is drop the suede jacket and you are good to go. Since the air conditioning seems to be blasted on super power throughout the summer, it is always a good idea to keep a thin button-down or sweater with you when you switch from outside to an inside location.