March 16th, 2016 at 2:00am

It is time to put away those heavy wool coats and mittens because spring is approaching quickly. Spring is symbolic of a new beginning and a fresh start, but it symbolizes more than that for us Fashionistas. The spring season represents the rejuvenating feeling of shining some sunlight on that side of your closet that hasn’t come up for air in a while. What I speak of are the clothes with color and life that wouldn’t dare compete with the everlasting blacks and grays of winter. This Fashionista is dressed to say goodbye to the dreary winter season for good.

Who said that pastel colors defined the spring color palette? This Fashionista rocks color in a nontraditional format. The rich, saturated colors that consume her thrifted jacket make me want to binge watch an entire season of the original Full House (DJ Tanner was the original ’90s Fashionista before thrifting became a thing). The jacket is accompanied with a matching jersey shirt, black leggings, white sneakers and a Ralph Lauren baseball cap. The jacket and hat combo is not a match that I would instinctively pair together, but this Fashionista makes it look easy and natural.

This Fashionista’s attire is spring ready. She ditched the heavy fabrics and opted for the lightweight windbreaker instead. Similar to spring, this look is fun and bright, bringing back to life vintage pieces that have been hidden below the dust of the thrift store. Spring is a celebration, and vintage clothing is also a celebration of decades of fashion. The flowers are not the only things coming back to life because this Fashionista is breathing life back into antique garments that thought they would never see a spring day again.

One Simple Change: If the weather decides it is not ready for spring just yet, you will need to be ready for a winter meltdown in a split second. Swap out the leggings with a pair of destroyed denim and opt for a pompom beanie instead of the cap.