May 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

When it comes to spring, who doesn’t love a good print? Polka-dots give off a youthful vibe, while stripes suggest nautical activities. A good floral conjures up images of rain, and tropical patterns invoke images of the beach and warm weather. On another note, socks with a saw print show not only quirkiness, but a sense of humor as well.

I spotted this friendly and talkative Fashionisto because of the eye-catching patterns he was wearing. His saw-printed socks were by far the most eccentric, and coupled with the gray and blue in his shoes work perfectly. He pairs this combination with yellow tropical print shorts, which are particularly festive and perfect for the rare, warm spring day in Indiana. The length of the shorts draw particular attention to the printed socks. He keeps the attention on the prints of his shorts and socks by wearing a short sleeve black polo shirt. He accessorizes with a paw print necklace. He informed me that it was, in fact, made by a business that he started called Dogs Saving Dogs, which sells necklaces and dog tags to help homeless dogs at risk of being euthanized. Each one features the name of a dog sponsored by the company.

Take a cue from this Fashionisto, and turn to prints for your spring outfit inspiration. The warmer weather calls for a departure from winter’s uniform of black and neutral clothing, and a foray into the world of color.

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily be transitioned into summer, and would be perfect for a beach or island vacation. Just exchange the shoes and socks for flip flops, and you’re ready for the boardwalk!