WHAT TO WEAR: Slay the Interview

In college, we are constantly faced with so many hard decisions: who to vote for, what to wear to an interview and what to eat for dinner (just to name a few examples). This Fashionisto takes one facet of the typical college struggle and slays it: what to wear to kill an interview.

Lets start from the bottom and work our way up. His shoes are perfect for an interview. The square toe makes them professional and able to be worn around an office for months, effortlessly transitioning seasons. The silver accent adds just a little pop, giving the shoe itself just the perfect amount of pop. They are scuff free, showing the interviewers that our Fashionisto cares about the appearance of even his shoes, meaning he’ll care about the company too.

This Fashinisto’s pants are a classic. Being solid black makes them incredibly versatile, able to go from the office to a wedding, if need be. The single pleat down the front adds length to the leg, elongating his stature and making his legs slimmer than they already were. The length is perfect. The cuff brushes the shoes without hitting the ground, so no hemming is required.

For his shirt, our Fashionisto chose a solid white, showing that he is confident without needing to be flashy. By keeping the shirt solid, he is able to play around more with fun ties. The red of the tie says he is a confident go-getter, while the blue says he is chill and won’t cause office drama. This is the perfect mix for an office environment.

His hair is done nicely, pushed back so it isn’t falling in his face, but also not crunchy-looking—there is such a thing as too much product. His facial hair is groomed, but still maintains that 5 o’clock shadow that is so in.

Overall, this Fashionisto knows what he is doing. He’s taken simple staples and made them his own by adding pops of color, or a flourish of silver to accent black. It is a given that this Fashionisto is about to slay whatever interview he heading for.