WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

During summer, you can pretty much smell the romance in the air. Maybe it’s the freshly blossomed flowers or the sight of so many couples coming out of the woodworks. I have honestly asked myself where they’re coming from for a couple of months now. It is as if the hot weather lures couples out of hiding; summer flings are at their highest peak. Coming from a girl who is happily single, who wouldn’t want to meet someone that just sweeps you off your feet even if it is for a short period of time?

So, you met someone, an eye-catching foreigner that is visiting your hometown and there is something about this mysterious creature that draws you to them. Or, maybe, it’s that one person you’ve been crushing on for so long and they finally saw you under good light. Whatever the case, you should prepare for this lovely occurrence by picking out the perfect outfit.

Although the perfect outfit is key, before you even think about that, you have to figure out where the date is going to be. The outfit is, of course, dependent on location! If you’re like this Fashionisto, you are going to take your date to a romantic little restaurant by a lake. Keeping this in mind, this Fashionisto has decided to pair some pastel pink shorts with a polka-dotted collared shirt. The Ralph Lauren pink shorts are an excellent choice. After all, real men do wear pink. More than that, it is the perfect vibrant color for summer. The slim-fit collared shirt from H&M is the best of both worlds. It’s classy, but casual at the same time and, yes, it will show off your muscles without actually showing them off (if you catch my drift). Your hard work at the gym won’t go unnoticed. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out what shoes to wear, go with what you feel comfortable in! You can never go wrong with classic Sperry Top-Siders. Finally, fix your hair with some gel, but not too much! Remember, its a date not an interview.

Now, you are ready for your first summer date. I wish you the best of luck. Be yourself and do what you gotta do to get the girl, man.

One Simple Change: Best case scenario, the date goes really well and you’re off to meet the parents for brunch. A bright, clean look will definitely get you on their good side. Pair the pink shorts with a white collared shirt, sunglasses and some confidence and you have made yourself a keeper.