WHAT TO WEAR: Sheer Perfection

Back to school comes with the awkward transitioning weather between summer and fall. Cool mornings turn into humid afternoons here in Minnesota. With this unpredictable weather comes the struggle to find an outfit that will work for both your morning and afternoon classes without have to change in between.

This Fashionista, a junior here at the University of St. Thomas, has found the perfect outfit to keep her cool and stylish throughout the day. She started out by finding the ideal skinny fit jeans to compliment her long legs. Thrifting through her closet, she found the perfect fall button-down to pair with her jeans. The button-down is sheer, allowing her to comfortably walk around campus without being stifled in a thicker material—not to mention the maroon color and square pattern of the shirt is perfect for the fall season. This Fashionista chose to wear suede wedge booties in black. As a veteran wedge wearer, I am completely obsessed with the pair she chose to sport. To complete her look, she chose to lighten her accessories. Picking a simple pair of black dangling earrings, she looks chic and put together before heading to class. Overall, this Fashionista has found a way to stay comfortable all day without worrying about what the weather may bring.

To keep you comfortable while sporting a fall fashion wardrobe, I have a few more suggestions. For tops, try sleeveless turtlenecks. They give you enough coverage while being able to still flaunt your summer tan. If it is cooler, just throw on an open faced knit sweater or an oversized jean jacket. As for pants, I would take the opportunity to switch up the color. Try a black pair of jeans or opt for more of a fall color such as mustard or maroon. If the weather permits, try a fall pattern dress with an oversized jean jacket. With a fitted dress, the jean jacket adds a layer while minimizing your waist size. These are just a few of my suggestions to get you through this transitioning period into fall weather. Be sure to check in with me next month for another fabulous look!